Gambling Games: The Richest and Poorest of Games of Chance

Gambling gamesGambling games are defined as any game where one or more participants make a wager on an uncertain outcome in the hopes of receiving a payout (either cash or material goods). These games have existed as long as the concept of material wealth, and they’ve grown in the modern age thanks to the proliferation of casinos and the rise of the Internet.

Types of Gambling

Human beings have gambled on just about everything at one time or another, from the result of a coin toss to the next automobile passed on the highway. However, the following are consistently some of the most popular gambling games available:

Slot Machines — The original slot machines featured three spinning reels, but their modern-day counterparts commonly include five reels and a wide range of possible paylines. Players must wager on each payline to activate it, and additional credits can be gained with wild symbols, scatter pays, and bonus rounds. The biggest payouts are available with progressive slots, which include a jackpot that continues to climb with each spin.

Video Poker — The game’s video screen displays a five-card poker hand for the player. They must then decide which cards to keep and which to exchange. Their final hand determines the size of the payout.

Bingo — For a fee, players receive a playing card with numerical squares. Random numbers are drawn from a hopper, and the player must mark off any matching numbers on their card. In order to win, a participant must mark off all squares in a predetermined pattern.

Carnival Games — These games can be found at travelling carnivals and state fairs. Players normally pay a fee in the hopes of winning prizes such as stuffed animals. Billed as games of chance or skill, the outcome is sometimes rigged against the participant.

Pachinko — In this Japanese game that resembles a slot machine, players attempt to collect metal balls in a tray. While gambling on pachinko is illegal in Japan, winnings can be taken down the street from any parlor or arcade and redeemed for cash.

Keno — Players buy a keno card and select up to 20 of the 80 available numbers. A drawing of 20 balls is then held by the casino, and players win based on the number of correct matches. This works the same as the lottery, which would also be classified as a gambling game.

Roulette — This casino favorite is played with a wheel that contains either 37 or 38 pockets. A ball is also placed onto the wheel, and its final resting place determines the outcome of a spin. Players can make a number of wagers, including the exact pocket where the ball will land or the color (red or black) of the pocket.

Sports Betting — Participants wager on the outcome of sporting events, with money paid out according to fixed odds announced at the time of the bet. This can occur with any sport, and it’s a common practice across the globe. Sports betting is almost less a game of chance than a contest of skill. You can find out more about sports betting sites online here.

Are Gambling Games Considered Games of Chance?

If the outcome of an event or competition is predetermined, no sane individual is going to wager on it. For example, when was the last time you saw someone place a bet on the outcome of Wrestlemania?

As long as the conclusion is in doubt, gambling games are always classified as games of chance. The allure of winning is a draw for most people, while others participate simply for the rush of excitement. In either case, gambling is a pastime that’s impossible to master and easy to get addicted to. Before you risk your money on a game with an uncertain outcome, make sure you understand the consequences.

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