About This Site

about-gocI was speaking with a friend about his interest in games one night and I realized that I had never seen a site that simply looked at the different kinds of games we play that involve “chance”. What is “chance”? It is an unknown probability, a distribution the organization of which we cannot know.

A game of chance is not decided by random chaos. It is decided by a well-ordered system of functions that is either so complex or so obscured that we, the players, cannot see all possible outcomes and choose which scenarios to play.

Like our knowledge in true games of chance this Website is incomplete. It will never be complete. It is a simple snapshot of some of the things we do for entertainment where “chance” is a player whose choices are affected by our own.

In the mundane world of fun and entertainment we often use our imaginations. In games of chance we use our hope, sometimes our faith. Games of chance are less affected by skill than by passion.

It is my hope that my passionate curiosity affects you as you browse this Website.

–The Gamer

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