3 Online Poker Sites that Accept US & Canada Players

A hand hovers over cards in a poker game.
There are many online poker sites but which ones accept players from the U.S.?

Online poker has struggled to attract US players for several years ever since the FBI took down several popular poker Websites.  Nonetheless, several online gambling sites are accepting poker players from the US and interest in the market is increasing.

We recommend the following US and Canada-friendly poker rooms because of their reputations for integrity, their availability, and their ease of use.

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>There is some competition with the overseas poker networks in US states that permit online gaming through local casinos.  Some of these casinos advertise their own poker rooms and they are friendlier to US players but their games come with territorial restrictions.  In order to walk the tight rope between state law and federal law the US online casinos take precautions against allowing players to access their games from outside their geographical territories.

In general, even if you have already joined the casino and remain a legal resident of the casino’s state, if you attempt to connect from outside the state they won’t allow you to play.  The overseas poker rooms that accept US players are not concerned about these rules.

Whether it’s legal is another matter but most experts agree that the US government is not concerned with charging American citizens with crimes unless they attempt to launder large sums of money.  In the eyes of American law enforcement the casinos that offer US friendly poker rooms may be breaking the law.

It is your responsibility to know what you are doing and to understand the risks you take.  Of course, one of the fallacious claims the US government has made against online gambling companies is that they cannot be trusted to deal honestly with the players.  Although there are rogue casinos to be sure, the majority of the more than 2,000 online gambling sites are licensed and regulated by government authorities around the world.  They also accept third party audits and in many cases allow independent investigation into player disputes.

The fact of the matter is that licensed, regulated online casinos stand to lose a lot if they cheat their members, especially considering that most forms of gambling games are already configured to favor the house.  They don’t need to cheat.  Where poker is concerned the casinos are just taking a rake anyway.

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