Play Mister Money Slots Online for Free

Mister Money is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game with 20 pay lines designed by Real Time Gaming. The game includes a free-spins bonus round and a progressive jackpot. Game rules are straight-forward: all prizes are paid from left to right on active pay lines only and in the event that two winning combinations appear on a pay line only the highest prize is awarded. All scatter wins are paid in addition to line wins. The progressive jackpot can only be won by real money players.

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Game Controls in Mister Money Slots

When you play Mister Money slots you find the Balance, Bet, Win, and Random Jackpot windows are all displayed above the playing area. These are informational windows and you cannot do anything with them. There are two additional windows, one on either side of the Random Jackpot display, that tell you if you are playing for real money in just in “Fun Play” mode.

The number of active pay lines is displayed above the Mode window on the left and the amount of current bet per line is displayed above the Mode window on the right.

Each pay line is represented by a numbered button alongside the playing area. 10 pay line buttons are on the left side of the screen and 10 are on the right side. Clicking on any of the pay line buttons deactivates all higher-numbered pay lines and activates all pay lines below and up to the pay line represented by the button.

There are five controls below the playing area. They are from left to right: Help, Bet, Auto Play, Lines, and Spin.

The Help button brings up the pay table screens that explain the game rules and how much each symbol pays for the winning combinations it contributes to.

The Bet widget uses an Up and Down arrow to set the amount of the bet per line, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.25. The maximum total bet is therefore $5.00 (0.25 times 20 pay lines).

The Auto Play button initiates continuous play which lasts until your balance drops below the current total bet amount, you stop the Auto Play, or you leave the game.

The Lines widget uses an Up and Down arrow to allow you to scroll through the number of active pay lines, although it is really easier for you to just click on the pay line buttons to the left or right of the playing area.

The Spin button activates the reels for a single game.

Symbols Used in the Mister Money Slots Game

The two gemstone emblems serve as the game’s special symbols.

The White Diamond is the game’s Wild symbol and it substitutes for all other symbols in paying a prize, including the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol does not contribute to triggering the free spins bonus. Five of a kind for the White Diamond pays 5,000 times Bet Per Line. All prizes in which one or more White Diamonds contribute to the winning combination are doubled.

The Red Diamond is the game’s Scatter symbol. Five of a kind pays 50 times Total Bet for the Red Diamond. If the White Diamond (Wild) symbol substitutes for any Red Diamonds in a Scatter combination then the prize is doubled.

Although they are called “Scatter” symbols, the Red Diamonds must form a winning combination on an active pay line in order to award a prize or trigger a free spins bonus. However, the Scatter symbols can form a winning combination from either left to right or right to left.

There are three high value symbols in the game: the Man (Mister Money), the Woman (Mrs. Money), and the Mansion (Money Mansion).

Mister Money pays 1250 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind or 2500 if one or more White Diamonds contribute to the winning combination.

Mrs. Money pays 750 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind or 1500 if a White Diamond helps win the prize.

The Money Mansion pays 500 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind or 1000 if a White Diamond is part of the winning combination.

The two middle value symbols are the Private Jet and the Sports car. They both pay 200 times Bet per Line for five of a kind and double that if the White diamond is involved.

The remaining, low value, symbols are the Money Bag, Gold Ring, Diamond Necklace, Gold Watch, and stacks of bills.

Bonus Round and Progressive Jackpot In Mister Money Slots

When 3 or more adjacent Red Diamonds appear on an active pay line in either direction the Free Spins bonus is triggered. You win a minimum of 5 free spins.

You are taken to a screen where you pick from 15 money bags. The number of picks you win is determined by how many diamonds triggered the bonus. 3 diamonds award you 3 picks, 4 diamonds award you 4 picks, and 5 diamonds award you 5 picks.

Each mystery prize may award you either a multiplier or 3 additional free spins.

All prizes paid during the free spins are double normal value. So if you win a prize with a combination that includes a diamond, the prize is multiplied by:

  • Two for the White Diamond
  • Two for the Free Spins bonus
  • Any multipliers you won during the picks

The bonus game can be retriggered but you don’t get any more picks. Instead, you win 10 games for three diamond symbols, 15 games for four diamond symbols, and 25 games for five diamond symbols.

The random progressive jackpot can be awarded at any time after the completion of a spin either in the normal game or the free spins bonus. It is only awarded to real money players.

Bonus offers subject to change.